Wandsworth Registry Office Wedding Photography

Affordable wedding photography at Wandsworth Register Office Town Hall,
Wandsworth High Street, London, SW18 2PU

"Wandsworth Register Office Affordable Wedding Photography"

"Wandsworth Registry Office Affordable Wedding Photography"

Affordable London wedding photography at Wandsworth register office which is frequently referred to as Wandsworth registry office, a British term for the government office where you can get officially married, without a religious ceremony and it is the depository to record the boroughs births, deaths and marriages.

Wandsworth Registry Office marriage ceremony rooms are located in Wandsworth’s large Town Hall Wandsworth High Street, London, SW18 2PU

London Register Office Affordable Wedding Photography" "Wandsworth Register Office"

Designed by Edward A. Hunt and built between 1935 to 1937 the attractive reliefs on the face of the building depict scenes from local history. Inside English brown oak adorn the walls and the floors paved with terrazzo tiles.  HRH Queen Mary officially opened New Town Hall in 1937.

Weekday Town Hall parking is only available in the Courtyard for the bridle car in however Saturday parking is available for all your guests in the council car park at the rear of the Town Hall. Southside shopping centre is nearby and has two NCP car parks, it’s then a 5-minute walk to the registry office.

The 140 council room complex includes the council chambers (not used for weddings) Access to the marriage rooms is from the main front door off Wandsworth High Street. If you are early for the wedding there is a Starbuck Café is situated opposite.

"Wandsworth Register Office Budget Wedding Photography"

The marriage rooms flow off wood panelled corridors.  The awesome southern European marble hallway is a superb place for photographs and the courtyard reflects the style of the ceremony well.

"Wandsworth Registry Office Affordable London Wedding Photography"

“Pink Paper” and Penguin Books “Dream Weddings” have listed the wedding facilities as one of the best 100 places for a Civil Partnerships and marriage ceremonies in England.

Wandsworth civil ceremony marriages and civil partnerships ceremonies follow a similar format. Once the Superintendent Registrar has welcomed all present and explained what is about to take place, the couple makes their vows using words similar to the words of declaration and contract spoken during a marriage ceremony.

Wandsworth Town Hall Register Office Affordable Wedding Photography

The rest of the ceremony is tailored according to each couples requirements and may include the exchange of rings. Any chosen music, poetry and prose readings must not be of a religious nature. The ceremony will last about 20 minutes – depending on your choices.

The marble staircase is great of the formal wedding shots more photography takes place in gardens and courtyard our photographer will cajole the wedding party to best location.

Civil marriages and partnership ceremonies also take place in local approved premises, usually hotels or public buildings where the superintendent registrar has designated that the wedding service can happen. Registry Office Wedding Photographers have knowledge of the various approved reception places.

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