Newham Registry Office Photography

Affordable wedding photography at Newham Register Office
Passmore Edwards Building, 207 Plashet Grove, London, E6 1BT

"Newham London Registry Wedding Photography"

Free photo shoot and affordable London wedding photography at Newham Register Office which is frequently referred to as Newham Registry Office, a British term for the government office where you can get officially married, without a religious ceremony and it is the depository to record the boroughs births, deaths and marriages.

Newham Registry Office Affordable Wedding Photography

Designed by Maurice Bingham Adams, Newham Registry Office marriage ceremony room is located at Passmore Edwards Building, 207 Plashet Grove, London, E6 1BT

The finance for the building came from philanthropist John Passmore Edwards (1823–1911) a City journalist and editor of a leading London newspaper was a life-long champion of the working classes a true Benefactor Extraordinaire. In just 14 years over 70 John Passmore Edwards major buildings were established as a direct result of his bequests, one was the Passmore Edwards Library now Newham Registry office."London Wedding Photography Newham Register Office"

There is free parking for 15 cars here. Our wedding photographers use the District Line on the London Underground to get to your wedding ceremony alighting at East Ham. Newham Registry has a large comfortable waiting room with seats for 20 people; the registrar’s secretary will collect the wedding party from here. The photographer will be waiting outside or in the waiting room. The blue and gold tastefully decorated marriage room has individual blue comfortable chairs that can seat approximately 50 persons. Registry Office Wedding Photographers all like this marriage room as it photographs well. The registrars prefer the wedding photographer to stand at the front by the desk with seated guests then then ceremony does not get disjointed with guests floating around with mobile phone cameras.

"Newham Registry Office London Wedding Photography"

Newham civil ceremony marriages and civil partnerships ceremonies both follow a similar format. Once the Superintendent Registrar has welcomed all present and explained what is about to take place, the couple makes their vows using words similar to the words of declaration and contract spoken during a marriage ceremony. The rest of the ceremony is tailored according to each couples requirements and may include the exchange of rings. Any chosen music, poetry and prose readings must not be of a religious nature.

"Wedding photography at Newham register office"Two credible witnesses must also be present to join the couple in signing the civil partnership schedule. Newham is very open towards photography. Our photographer can photograph the whole ceremony plus set up group photography in the room. Confetti can be thrown at as the couple exit the marriage between the marble columns. Rose petal confetti can be purchased from the registrar’s secretary however it is off a fine grade that does not show up in photos very well.

More photography takes place in Plassett  Gardens (1 minute walk), our photographer will show the wedding party to best garden locations.

Civil marriages and partnership ceremonies also take place in local approved premises, usually hotels or public buildings where the superintendent registrar has designated that the wedding service can happen. Registry Office Wedding Photographers have knowledge of the various approved reception places.

Photography for Newham Marriages – Civil Partnerships – Naming Ceremonies – Blessings – Receptions

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