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Affordable wedding photo shoots at Croydon Registry Office  Croydon Register Office, Ground Floor Offices, Croydon Town Hall, Fell Road, Croydon, CR0 1NX"Croydon Registry Affordable Photography"

'Croydon Registry Office Weddings'

'Croydon Registry Office Queens Gardens'Affordable London wedding photography at Croydon Registry Office Weddings.  Exceptional romantic considerate loving photography around the vicinity of the registry office in the beautiful gardens we can also capture those moments of family and friends enjoying your special day.

"Croydon Registry Office Affordable Wedding Photography""Croydon Register Office London Wedding Photography"Affordable London wedding photography at Croydon Register Office which is frequently referred to as Croydon Registry Office, a British term for the government office where you can get officially married, without a religious ceremony and is the depository to record the boroughs births, deaths and marriages. Croydon Registry Office marriage ceremony room is located in Croydon’s large Town Hall Croydon in the Ground Floor Offices, Fell Road, Croydon, CR0 1NX

Designed by local architect Charles Henman, it was completed in 1895 constructed in red bricks from Wrotham in Kent, with Portland Stone steps was officially opened by Their Royal Highness’s Prince and Princess of Wales on Tuesday 19th May 1896.   Parking outside the building is very limited pay and display with efficient traffic wardens! Your guests should park in the large Surrey Street Q-park car park, Charles Street,  Fairfield in Barclay Road or Allders multi-story all an 8-minute walk from the registry office. Our wedding photographers use Croydon Trams to get to your wedding ceremony alighting at George Street or Wellesley Road tram stops.

The complex also includes the council chambers (not used for weddings), the Riesco Gallery, Braithwaite Hall and the Central Library known as the Croydon Clocktower. Access to the marriage room is from Fell road opposite Queen’s Gardens. If you are early for the wedding the Clocktower Café is situated just outside the library.

There is a waiting corridor with seats for 15 people plus the security desk, the registrar’s secretary will collect the wedding party from here. The photographer will be waiting on the steps or in the corridor. The marriage room has 12 long wooden padded pews for the guests that can seat approximately 60 persons. The registrars prefer the wedding photographer to stand at the front by the desk otherwise the ceremony gets disjointed with guests floating around with mobile phone cameras. The confetti can be thrown at the steps as the couple leave.

More photography takes place in Queen’s Gardens (1 minute walk), our photographer will usher the wedding party to best garden locations.

Civil marriages and partnership ceremonies also take place in local approved premises, usually hotels or public buildings where the superintendent registrar has designated that the wedding service can happen. Registry Office Wedding Photographers have knowledge of the various approved reception places.

Photography for Croydon Marriages – Civil Partnerships – Naming Ceremonies – Blessings – Receptions

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