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Affordable photo-shoots at Barnet Register Office 182 Burnt Oak Broadway,                                    Edgware, Middx, HA8 0AU

"Barnet Registry Office Wedding Photography"

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"Barnet Registry Wedding Photography"Free photo shoot and affordable London wedding photography at Barnet Register Office is frequently referred to as Barnet Registry Office, is the British term for the government office and depository where births, deaths and marriages are officially recorded and of course one can get officially married, without a religious ceremony. The main office located at 182 Burnt Oak Broadway, Edgware, Middx, HA8 0AU and the Council approved Hendon Town Hall

Originally the municipal offices for Barnet Urban District Council. The building became a Barnet Register Office in 1965 when Barnet UDC, along with four neighbouring boroughs were merged into London Borough of Barnet. It has now been extended and as you walk in past the office window to your left is a corridor that leads to the marriage room called the Oak Room. "Barnet Register Office Wedding Photography"Parking is a long the front aspect of the registry office; on a first come basis it holds approximately 10 cars. The nearest large car park is three minutes away in Watling Street near the local Burnt Oak tube station.

The Oak Room has nice clean lines with deep blue carpet, maple wooden chairs and swathes of green curtains.

London civic partnerships and marriage ceremonies follow a similar format. Once the Superintendent Registrar has welcomed all present and explained what is about to take place, the couple makes their vows using words similar to the words of declaration and contract spoken during a marriage ceremony.

Two credible witnesses must be present to join the couple in signing the civil partnership schedule.  Barnet is very open towards photography. Our photographer can photograph the whole ceremony plus set up poses of the couple, witnesses and group photography in the room. After the ceremony we leave by the glass doors that leads on to a tarmac and grass area with surrounding shrubs, there is a cute kissing seat in the shape of an S that makes a good photo with the bride and groom."Hendon Town Hall Photography"

Superintendent registrars regularly make their way to Hendon Town Hall situated at The Burroughs, Hendon NW4 4BG. Built in 1901 designed by T.H. Watson. In 2009 the grand structure had an upgrade of all the facilities including lighting and heating, new level entrance, new lift.

London civil marriages and partnership ceremonies also take place in local approved premises, usually hotels or public buildings where the superintendent registrar has designated that the wedding service can happen. Registry Office Wedding Photographers have knowledge of the various approved reception places.


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